At Create Your Path, we believe in providing real financial planning services, not product sales. That’s why we are a fee-only firm, which means we do not receive commissions and are only paid by you, the client. We are also fiduciaries, which is a fancy way of saying we always put your interest first.

Ongoing Financial Planning Services

Our Ongoing Financial Planning Service starts with a discussion of your values and goals and results in a road map that provides clarity on how you can achieve those goals. Whether your goals include purchasing an investment property, paying off debt, optimizing your veteran benefits, or sending your children to college, we will work with you to help you accomplish those goals. However, financial planning is not a set it and forget it task. Financial planning is an ongoing process, like physical fitness, financial planning requires constant work and modifications to adapt as life changes and new goals, challenges, and opportunities emerge.


Create Your Path’s Three Major Services

We use a simple subscription model that includes financial planning, investment management, and tax preparation services. Our current fee is $2,400 per year, split up into equal monthly payments of $200. There is also a one-time upfront fee of $1,500 which covers the first 12 weeks of our financial planning services (Phase 1) and accounts for the large amount of work required to build the initial financial plan. For example, the one time $1,500 fee will cover the first 3 months, then beginning in the 4th month our fee would be $200 a month thereafter.

Annual Retainer $2,400

Upfront Fee $1,500

Included With Your Retainer

Services included with retainer

Our Strategic Financial Planning Process

Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the financial planning process.

Areas We Cover in Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Areas covered in our comprehensive financial planning process.

Investment Management Service

We help you create an investment portfolio that is aligned with your needs and goals and we adjust it for you as conditions change. Our investment strategy is focused on maximizing your chances of accomplishing your goals. Our three key principles:


The best predictor of future returns is the cost of your investments. For that reason, we build our portfolios using ultra-low-cost index funds.


We create portfolios with “low turnover.” Every time an investment is bought or sold (i.e. “turned over”), costs are incurred.


We build a diversified portfolio of asset classes tailored to meeting your goals, not beating the market, which allows us to limit your portfolio risk.

Tax Preparation & Planning Service

Our tax services provide forward looking tax advice on how to minimize your tax burden. In addition to tax preparation, we help Identify problems and opportunities, such as:

Optimal Withholding Amounts

Identifying Deductions

Customized Tax Strategizes

Let’s create something great together.

Let’s start small, a 30-minute call. We’ll talk about what’s going on right now, what you want in the future, and what makes you happy. Afterward, you’ll know whether Create Your Path is the right financial partner for you. 

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