Northrop Grumman

How to Compare Northrop Grumman’s Healthcare Plan Options

With healthcare costs on the rise, choosing the wrong employer health plan can be a costly mistake. Although the standard advice for picking a health plan is to choose one based on costs alone, cost is not everything. Choosing the right plan involves reviewing not only the out-of-pocket costs but the plan types and networksContinue reading “How to Compare Northrop Grumman’s Healthcare Plan Options”

Understanding Northrop Grumman's Health Care FSA

What is a Health Care FSA? A flexible spending account (FSA), also called a “flexible spending arrangement,” is a savings account with specific tax advantages. The accounts are established by employers for their employees. Northrop Grumman offers two types of FSAs: The Health Care FSA and the Dependent Day Care FSA. We will be reviewingContinue reading “Understanding Northrop Grumman's Health Care FSA”