Create & Navigate Your Path

Our Create & Navigate Your Path Service Is a comprehensive ongoing financial planning service, which includes a complete financial plan that incorporates all of the following areas:

What You Get

  • Comprehensive Financial Plan (Sample Summary Page)
  • Ongoing financial plan implementation support
  • Ongoing quarterly reviews of the major areas of your financial life
  • 2 virtual annual meetings to review your progress & make any needed adjustments
  • Unlimited email/phone call support for financial topics
  • Unbiased advice: we are fee-only fiduciaries
  • Investment management
  • Educational material
  • Referral to other professionals if needed, such as CPAs, insurance brokers, or attorneys

Who Is This For?

If you not only want a comprehensive financial plan but also want help implementing it and ongoing support to adapt your plan to all of life’s changes, then this service is for you.


We use a simple subscription model, which includes ongoing financial planning and investment management. Our current fee is $2,100 per year for individuals, split up into equal monthly payments of $175; or $2,700 a year for couples, split into equal monthly payments of $225. There is also a one-time upfront fee of $900.

  • Fee may be increased and is based on the complexity of your financial situation.

$900 Upfront Fee


$175 Monthly Fee (Individuals)

$225 Monthly Fee (Couples)

Our Process

This service consists of two phases. The first phase – Phase 1: is the Create Your Path Phase and is when we will construct your financial plan over 5 meetings, typically over the course of a few months. After we have delivered your financial plan, we will move into Phase 2: the Navigate Your Path Phase. During this phase, we will guide you through the implementation of your plan and provide ongoing support including investment management.

Investment Management Service

We help you create an investment portfolio that is aligned with your needs and goals and we adjust it for you as conditions change. Our investment strategy is focused on maximizing your chances of accomplishing your goals. Our three key principles:

  1. Keep Costs Low: The best predictor of future returns is the cost of your investments. For that reason, we build our portfolios using low-cost index funds.
  2. Own Tax-Efficient Investments: We create portfolios with “low turnover.” Every time an investment is bought or sold (i.e. “turned over”), costs are incurred.
  3. Own the Right Asset Classes: We build a diversified portfolio of asset classes tailored to meeting your goals, not beating the market, which allows us to limit your portfolio risk.

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