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Financial Planning For Federal Employees

Work With A Financial Planner Who Understands Your Federal Employee Benefits And Will Help Integrate Them Into Your Overall Financial Picture


Peace of Mind

Whether it’s deciding which funds should be in your TSP, determining if your FERS pension will provide the retirement you want or planning for your children’s education, you will have our guidance to ensure you are making smart choices for you and your family.


You don’t want to hike a mountain your whole life to realize it was the wrong path. Get clear on your goals, and what matters to you most so you know where you want your money to take you.

Specialized Planning

Because we specialize in federal employees, we can help you understand your complex benefits from a financial planning perspective so that you can make smart financial decisions.


We will help you plan for optionality. No one can predict where you will be in 30 years. So, let’s plan for you to live your best life today while planning for optionality in the future.

Best Return on Life

We help you plan for the best return on your life, not just your investments. More money doesn’t equal more happiness. Real wealth is the ability to spend your time the way you want.

Honest Advice

Although most things in the “civilian world” are primarily profit-driven, you can rest assured that as a fiduciary our primary focus will always be the wellbeing of you and your family.


1. Initial Meeting

We’ll talk about what’s going on right now, what you want in the future, and what makes you happy. Afterward, you’ll know whether Create Your Path is the right financial partner for you.

2. Get to Know You

In order to do your financial planning well, we need to know who you are. So, during this meeting we will focus on your concerns, goals, and desires, which will allow us to understand your unique needs and objectives.

3. Get Organized

During this meeting, we will collect any necessary information while helping you sort through your financial lives and get organized.

4. Strategize

During the Strategize meeting, we will analyze and evaluate your current financial status using our financial planning software.

5. Financial Plan Delivery

The final meeting in Phase 1 is the Financial Plan Delivery meeting. During this meeting, we’ll present our financial planning strategies. The goal is to commit to implementing the top 1 or 2 recommendations.

How We’re Different

At Create Your Path, we believe in providing real financial planning services, not product sales. That’s why we are a fee-only firm, which means we do not receive commissions and are only paid by you, the client. We are also fiduciaries, which is a fancy way of saying we always put your interest first.


A Message From Our Founder

Hi, I’m Jose Armenta and I’m the founder of Create Your Path (CYP), a fee-only financial planning firm dedicated to helping federal employees make better decisions with their money.

I founded CYP after realizing that federal employees had limited access to real financial planning. They were either sold insurance products that they didn’t need or were given generic advice that didn’t incorporate their Federal employee benefits or address their life goals.

We are different. At Create Your Path, we help federal employees understand their benefits from a financial planning perspective and help them implement a plan to achieve their life goals.

When I am not working, I enjoy breaching blanket forts with my three little ones, playing the drums, and taking family trips to Legoland.

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