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Are you interested in financial planning but unsure of what it actually is? Not a problem; watch the video below, which gives a brief overview of how we practice financial planning.

Areas Covered In Your Financial Plan

Financial Planning Service Options

Create & Navigate Your Path Service

If you want to have a financial planner by your side through all of life’s twists and turns, then this service is for you. Includes a comprehensive financial plan with implementation, investment management, and ongoing financial planning.

$900 Upfront Fee
$175 Monthly Fee (Individuals), or
$225 Monthly Fee (Couples)


Create Your Path Service

If you want a comprehensive financial plan but feel like you can handle the implementation on your own, then this service is for you. Includes a comprehensive financial plan.

Minimum Fee of $2,500 (Individuals)
Minimum Fee of $2,800 (Couples)


FERS Retirement Check-Up

Are you on track to have your dream retirement? Save time and headaches with our FERS retirement check-up. If you don’t want a full financial plan right now, this is a quick and convenient way to find out if you’re saving enough to meet your retirement goals.

$295 One-Time Fee


Hourly Support Service

Need help with a specific money question? Then this limited topic-based service is for you. Includes us working together at a flat hourly rate to create a targeted solution that you implement.

Hourly Rate $200


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Interested in learning more? Schedule a free, no-obligation video call to get any questions answered.

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