How Much Should You Contribute To Your TSP?

When you consider the Thrift Savings Plan’s (TSP) low fees, diversified funds, and generous government match, contributing is a no-brainer for most Federal employees. However, the question of “how much” to contribute is far more complicated. This question is difficult to answer because it depends on many variables such as what age you begin toContinue reading “How Much Should You Contribute To Your TSP?”

How Is Your TSP Taxed?

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a qualified retirement plan, which means the plan meets specific IRS requirements and, as such, receives additional tax benefits and protections. The tax benefits you’ll receive and how your withdrawals will be taxed depends on whether you have a traditional or a roth TSP. Traditional vs Roth Taxation TraditionalContinue reading “How Is Your TSP Taxed?”

What Is FERS Creditable Service And Why Is It Important?

What Is Creditable Service? You may have heard the term “creditable service,” but what exactly is creditable service, and why does it matter? Creditable service refers to the years of service when your salary was subject to FERS deductions. Which for most Federal employees will be every year of their civilian career. Now, this importantContinue reading “What Is FERS Creditable Service And Why Is It Important?”

What Is The FERS MRA?

What is the MRA? The minimum retirement age (MRA) is the earliest age at which most Federal employees may retire. Why Is It Important? Your MRA will determine when you’re eligible for different types of FERS retirement options. For example, your MRA will determine whether you are eligible for the MRA+ 10 retirement option. YouContinue reading “What Is The FERS MRA?”

The Federal Employee’s Dependent Care FSA At A Glance

As childcare costs continue to rise exponentially, it’s critical that all Federal employees understand one of their most robust benefits, the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA). The DCFSA is a savings account established by your agency with specific tax advantages to help you cover the cost of dependent care. So, if your agency hasContinue reading “The Federal Employee’s Dependent Care FSA At A Glance”

What Happens To Your FERS Pension When You Kick The Bucket?

Your FERS pension has a survivor benefit. The survivor benefit allows your spouse (or someone else with an insurable interest) to receive a portion of your pension when you pass away in retirement. If you’re married when you retire, you’ll need to make an election. However, deciding which benefit to select can be challenging asContinue reading “What Happens To Your FERS Pension When You Kick The Bucket?”