Should Federal Employees Enroll In Medicare?

As a financial planner for federal employees, you can imagine that I get to help answer many retirement questions. But one of the most frequent questions I get from Feds approaching retirement is whether to enroll in Medicare. This makes sense; since Medicare offers various coverage options, making the question of whether there is anyContinue reading “Should Federal Employees Enroll In Medicare?”

4 Tax Pitfalls Federal Employees Need To Avoid

There are many financial mistakes that federal employees can make throughout their life, but some of the most common that I see revolve around tax planning. Specifically, there are 4 common errors I see federal employees make before they work with my firm. These tax mistakes can be costly and might even derail your financialContinue reading “4 Tax Pitfalls Federal Employees Need To Avoid”

What Federal Employees Should Do 1 Year Before Retirement

Although, as a federal employee, you should begin planning for retirement years before you hand in your application, the year before retirement is critical to set yourself up for the transition. This period is essential since you’ll have limited time to review your finances and make decisions that will affect the rest of your life.Continue reading “What Federal Employees Should Do 1 Year Before Retirement”

Quickstart Guide To Medicare For Federal Employees

As healthcare costs continue to rise, it’s no surprise that federal employees nearing retirement have many questions surrounding Medicare. And while most are familiar with their Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB), many are not familiar with Medicare even though they’ll likely be eligible for the program at age 65. Hence, the topic of Medicare benefitsContinue reading “Quickstart Guide To Medicare For Federal Employees”