The Federal Employee’s Dependent Care FSA At A Glance

As childcare costs continue to rise exponentially, it’s critical that all Federal employees understand one of their most robust benefits, the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA). The DCFSA is a savings account established by your agency with specific tax advantages to help you cover the cost of dependent care. So, if your agency hasContinue reading “The Federal Employee’s Dependent Care FSA At A Glance”

Understanding Northrop Grumman's Health Care FSA

What is a Health Care FSA? A flexible spending account (FSA), also called a “flexible spending arrangement,” is a savings account with specific tax advantages. The accounts are established by employers for their employees. Northrop Grumman offers two types of FSAs: The Health Care FSA and the Dependent Day Care FSA. We will be reviewingContinue reading “Understanding Northrop Grumman's Health Care FSA”